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Does your life 'look good' from the outside but on the inside you're feeling a little off?


With the busyness that is managing our jobs, our families, our social calendars and in service to our communities in our day-to-day lives its easy to get overwhelmed by the ‘noise.’ The external noise that tells us we need to work harder, work faster, do more, achieve more all so we can be more. All so we can have more. Then we’ll be happy. When I get that, if I just do that…then I will be happy!

We get swept away by the external messages, the noise of master marketers and cultural and societal demands that promise us fulfillment, contentment and at long last, happiness, if we just keep pushing!

It’s exhausting. And it’s no wonder we end up looking for relief from that hustle in things that promise immediate relief and gratification. Enter alcohol.

Alcohol becomes the solution to whatever we think we need in the moment.

  • Sweet relief - check!

  • Reward - check!

  • De-stress - check!

  • Celebration - check!

  • Social connection - check!

    And then one day after yet another headache from the alcohol we didn’t even intend to drink the night before, we wonder...

  • Why are we not happier?

  • Why don’t we feel relieved and we feel more anxious?

  • Why did we break our rules yet again and have more than one glass?

  • Why do we have this constant low-grade irritability that causes us to snap at our family?

  • Why do we keep doing this over and over again?

  • How do we have control over everything else in our lives yet we can’t seem to control when and how much we drink?

If this is you, do not worry! You are not alone. I've been there and so have so many others just like you. Also just like many others, you can join my free 7-day Unstuck Challenge and learn how to, with a few simple steps, experience some relief and get back to creating the life you so desire!