Find Your Missing Peace.

Join me, Meade, Certified Naked Mind Coach, for a transformative 12-week online experience. I've got everything you're craving: connection, community, life-changing content & focused coaching, in an accessible and private online format.

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I will expertly guide you through coaching exercises to help you re-balance and re-connect with your authentic self. Course content is a mix of video lessons, guided coaching & self-exploration. You're going to love it!


The beauty of my online community is that it's "off-Facebook". That means you get all of my supportive, positive content without the toxic "compare & share" culture of social media. It's a safe place to connect and ask questions.


Have a big social circle but still feel lonely?

For so many of us, establishing  meaningful connection is a big part of finding our missing peace. 

My community of like-minded women provides genuine connection. 


You'll have access to a "Private" Certified Coach with the additional support of your community members.

Program includes a 1-hour weekly group coaching call & coach support in the community!

What's Your Missing Peace?

If you're tired of the 'go-go-go' and people-pleasing like I was, and ready to shift your focus inward and reconnect with your true self and what really matters to you, you're in the right place.

Whatever your 'thing' is (you know, that thing that you use too often to escape, relax or to soothe), we'll tackle it together and make it small & irrelevant. Mine was wine. What's yours? Whatever it is, you're in the right place to find your missing peace.

Meet Your Coach.

I'm Meade, reformed people-pleaser, former gray-area drinker, and Certified Naked Mind Coach. I have so much to share with you and am thrilled to have it all on one place here in my signature program. I've poured my heart into this group program! I'm dedicated to showing busy, overwhelmed women that there's peace to be found in slowing down, getting mindful, and looking inward. It's the key to getting back to YOU!

Looking for More Support?

As a Certified Naked Mind Coach, I offer 1:1 coaching for women who are looking for a more private coaching relationship with built-in accountability.

My private coaching programs allow us to really dig into what's got you stuck, what's missing, and get you on a path towards that authentic, present life you dream of!

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