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I'm Meade Holland Shirley.

Coach. Writer. Teacher. Storyteller. Researcher. Content Creator. Truth Seeker.

I help women find freedom from whatever's keeping them stuck. Alcohol, people-pleasing, perfectionism, unconscious living, shame, anxiety and more. All the things that keep us hustling for worth and utterly exhausted. Finding freedom unlocked the door to the fullest and most joyful, peace-filled life I could imagine and it can for you too! Let's chat! 

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My 'thing' was wine. My reward. Until the day it started taking more than it was giving. Blissfully free from it's pull, I now get to help others explore their relationship with alcohol. Learn more about my 1:1 coaching programs here!

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My Story

I was a Christian mom of three who had lost herself in the chaos that is doing all-the-things for all-the-people and the chardonnay that seemingly made that easier. Read my story, here.

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The Missing Peace

My signature group program provides content, coaching, connection, and community to support you every step of the way on your journey to finding your 'missing peace.' Details & wait list are here - you won't want to miss!

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"Meade was a beacon of light on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance related to my addictive patterns.  She shared rich resources that helped me overcome feelings of shame, inadequacy, and imperfection.  Over a six month period, she guided me to find new paths or "rungs up the ladder" toward greater freedom and independence.  She truly modeled self-compassion toward self and others.  Her spiritual intuition and emotional clarity facilitated a breakthrough from dwelling on past hurts to becoming more "alive" in the present.   "


"Meade is so kind, professional, empowering and extremely knowledgeable. I have found her empathy and compassion to be second to none! Holding the safe space for me to explore my beliefs and how they impact me is always done with such respect. Meade has a total belief in me and the work I am doing. I find Meade's understanding of This Naked Mind content to be so inspiring - she is always able to go into such depth in each area where I need extra information or strategies. During our 1-1 sessions, I am working hard with Meade on living wholeheartedly into my values. After these appointments, Meade emails me a detailed session summary. It is full of wisdom, celebrations, strategies we discussed, questions to spark my curiosity, resources that we may have discussed and loads more. "


"As a recently retired woman who was facing a new chapter in my life, I needed help finding my authentic self and establishing a new path. I had never had the time to indulge such a quest as a busy executive. Meade was the perfect partner in this journey! I was amazed at her sixth sense in coaching me: asking the right questions, suggesting the right resources and guiding me to find the answer for myself instead of just telling me the answer. What a gift she was!"


"Meade has so much heart and attention for her client, she offers hope and empathy without judgement. You instantly feel trust with Meade and she guides you in clear steps to help you move forward. "


"Meade took me to a place where I felt resistance - I’m so glad she did, even though it felt uncomfortable at the time. It was the catalyst that allowed me to grow and move on, in tackling something I’ve tried to solve for a very long time and up to this point I’d not found anything that really worked. I found the answer within myself, but I could only do that because Meade shone a light on it. She is insightful, gentle and firm - firm in the way that you feel safe, held whilst you work through whatever it is, and secure that you are going to feel better, and be better, on the other side. Thank you so much, you are amazing Meade! "


"I am 64 years old and have been a heavy, but "functional" drinker for about 25 years. I have known for some time that this needs to stop. I read The Naked Mind (TNM) and did  "The Alcohol Experiment." I was able to stop and then moderate but my goal is to FINALLY be alcohol free-- forever. I knew I needed some kind of help to get me to my goal. I found out about TNM Coaching and decided I needed to try this. I was nervous about opening up to a stranger....and then I had my first meet up with Meade Shirley!!! Meade has been a complete game changer for me. To my surprise, I felt comfortable immediately in sharing with Meade. She has lived experience, she is compassionate, encouraging and fun (so it's not all heavy). She has presented me with so many ideas and tools to facilitate my progress to my goal. Meade has helped me to really dig deep, through honest self reflection to understand what was at the root of my drinking. I give Meade my highest recommendation!!!! "


"Meade has a natural gift for listening with compassion and without judgment. I felt very comfortable talking with her and she helped me become much more clear and focused with some things that were holding me back. She asked questions in a way that naturally guided me into coming up with solutions that I couldn't find on my own. She knows how to connect with clients and create a safe space for vulnerability and honesty. I would highly recommend Meade as a coach to anyone ready to take that next positive step in their life. "