Missing Peace?

What if there was a way to let go

of that thing (we're looking at you

wine) that's holding you back?

AND not feel deprived?

There is.

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I'm a This Naked Mind Institute trained and Certified Naked Mind Coach with a passion for partnering with women to discover the 'things' keeping them stuck and unfulfilled. Together, we can work to free you from your limiting patterns, habits and beliefs so you can create the peace and joy you crave.


"The primary addiction for all humans is addiction to our own way of thinking." - Richard Rohr 


I was drinking more than I wanted to be and it was interfering with what I wanted most. Meaningful time with my family. Deeper connections with my friends. The freedom from anxiety and irritability. I was missing all the goodness that is offered in the now, always focused on what 'good time' comes next.

I desperately wanted to make a change but thought there were only two options:

1. Continue drinking (miserably), or

2. Stop drinking but be miserably deprived.

There HAD to be a better way.

This Naked Mind is different than any other approach to freedom from alcohol because it offers true freedom from alcohol. Not just the freedom that comes from eliminating alcohol from your body. That’s a start, but that’s not true freedom.


Q. What isn’t true freedom?

A) Not consuming alcohol but being all-consumed with thinking about alcohol

B) Missing it, wishing you could still drink it, having to avoid being around it

C) Feeling deprived and maybe even jealous of those who still drink it

D) FOMO from having to skip social events for fear of the temptation 

E) Using will-power and miserably trying not to drink it, one day at a time

F) Having to answer questions about it falling deeper into the shame hole

G) Feeling stuck - you’re miserable with it and you’re miserable without it

Answer: All of the above


True freedom comes when not drinking alcohol is effortless.

 And what does that look like, you ask?

  •  Waking up every day lighter, brighter, and at peace - the shame and blame game is anything but peaceful!
  • Attending just as many social events and having more fun as a non-drinker - TRULY!
  • Being around your friends while they drink your old fave bottle and not once feeling tempted - no lie!
  • Zero effort to live alcohol-free (AF)!
  • Living counter-culturally, alcohol-free and loving it!
  • Living blissfully alcohol-free!
  • Living joyfully and wholeheartedly, awake and fully alive!

 True freedom from alcohol comes by removing the desire to drink therefore eliminating the temptation to drink. True freedom comes when we free it from the body, we free it from our heart (free from our emotional attachments to it) and then we free it from our mind. No more time or energy wasted buying it, thinking about it, planning for it, prepping for it, trying to control how much and how often we drink it. Worrying about what we did or said while drinking it or worrying what we missed out on with our kids. 


This gift of true freedom from alcohol not only afforded me the peace and presence I was so desperate to find once I was living blissfully alcohol-free, it helped me find a way to give back through meaningful work. I was so passionate to help other women find the freedom I had, that I left my career in pharmaceutical sales for the opportunity to train under, Annie Grace, founder of this revolutionary approach to taking the control back from alcohol. I now work full-time as a Certified Naked Mind Coach.


So, what exactly does working together look like?

  1. With abundant grace and compassion in a strictly judgment-free space we will explore the things that could be keeping you stuck. No worries, no stress. There is no story I haven’t heard and trust me, I have plenty I can share of my own.
  2. We will talk about where you are and where you want to go: Take a break from alcohol? Moderate? Take a break from alcohol, forever? There are no wrong answers and no hidden agendas. YOU get to CHOOSE. I’m here to support you and YOUR goals.
  3. Don't know your goals? That's ok too. We can work on them together.
  4. With my great library of effective, practical tools for change, we will choose the ones that are the best fit for you.
  5. And when you're ready, we will work together to create a plan for accomplishing your goals so you can feel the freedom and joy that exists on the other side of change.

All you have to do is show up with an open-mind and a desire to make a change - no matter how big or small. You get to choose, you set the pace. And I get the honor of walking with you and supporting you every step of the way!

"Meade is unique in that she blends empathy, optimism and depth. She has a very encouraging positive, cheerful attitude while at the same time being very deep and she's such a patient listener. "


What are the stories you're telling yourself about alcohol that are keeping you stuck?

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